Ok so the good news is that while people may pirate ebooks, the stats tell us that from 2011,  definitively in the UK at least, ebook sales are on the rise (not that this is terribly shocking since it is the direction publishing is moving in) and are up a whopping 54%.  Considering that Penguin […]

Will ebooks face the same fate as the music industry? Harry Freedman doesn’t think so. In his article he raises some interesting points about how piracy of ebooks may actually help sell more of them. Similarly to the Rice and Duke university’s study I discussed in an earlier post, it seems that the idea of […]

This Comic from the popular blog “The Oatmeal” perfectly sums up how I feel about piracy in the online sphere. It is sometimes very difficult to access the content you want and from time to time one may turn to obtaining it in a less than favorable way. It also captures the frustration of a […]

This Article comes to us from the music industry and while it is a year old, I wanted to include it because the rampant piracy of the music industry is something very relevant to the piracy of electronic books (ebooks) today (and now).  Rice and Duke Universities conducted research on levels of piracy in the music […]

I saw this piece of art in the Distillery District a couple of weekends ago and it is made entirely out of Rubik’s cubes.  I believe that technology is a lot like art, it requires innovation and looking at the world around us in ways we may not have before.