Piracy and Impatience

This Comic from the popular blog “The Oatmeal” perfectly sums up how I feel about piracy in the online sphere. It is sometimes very difficult to access the content you want and from time to time one may turn to obtaining it in a less than favorable way. It also captures the frustration of a millennial generation who want fast access to online information or media and the fact that we understand that while this is not legal, it is on a social level, acceptable. Most of my peers have at some point pirated information and the thing is that none of us stop to think (or really feel any guilt) about the fact that we are stealing. That was another really important point which makes the comic more engaging is the fact that he attempted the right course of action first. Unfortunately I feel like the online generation is not a patient one and with smart phones and a plethora of technology at our disposal, waiting for content or information never seems like a viable option when we have been shown the back alley way to get it.

That being said, Game of Thrones is a very popular show and people who want to watch it will find a way if it not accessible. This article is from the NY times from February this year and shifts our focus a little bit back to the publishing industry since ebooks are now hugely susceptible to the same online piracy that plagued the music industry. I find it fascinating when they discuss that 1/4 of all online activity can be attributed to peer to peer cyberlocker sites for sharing illegal content. At my university we had something similar which enabled the sharing of content (vlc video and mp3 music files, software) between all of the campuses with a file sharing system. This article suggests the abundance of pirates sailing the seas of the internet and that the frequency of it is only on the rise.


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