Stats and Stores

Ok so the good news is that while people may pirate ebooks, the stats tell us that from 2011,  definitively in the UK at least, ebook sales are on the rise (not that this is terribly shocking since it is the direction publishing is moving in) and are up a whopping 54%.  Considering that Penguin Canada is owned by a parent company based in the UK, these stats are relevant to the Canadian book market. Readers still prefer the physical book, but people are also buying more ebooks than they did before and this makes innovation in this new market an exciting new territory for exploration (like sailing the seven seas…like a pirate. Like my blog :)).

That being said, exciting news comes to us from The Digital Reader since Sony has launched an online browser based ebookstore. This is exciting because it puts Sony on the map as a potential competitor with other eReader providers as well as providing apps that are compatible across mac, pc, android and tablet formats. I’ve been a fan of Sony for years and I trust the product so this is pretty exciting since it definitely makes an impact on where I might go if i decide one day to get an eReader myself one day.

What does this mean for publishing? It is another outlet for people to access and buy books, and THAT is always a good thing.


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